Every Month at Dronningensgade 23

Right in the center of the town, very close to the main square Torvet, you’ll find a porch with magnificent fresques in Art Déco style. Located at Dronningensgade 23, this wonderful piece of art has been made around 1925 by the painter Karl Petersen, who lived there. A must see !

And thanks to Birgitte Grejsen Møs for the pictures of the months of June and July that I couldn’t see when I went there, because of the open doors !

Dronningensgade 23

Svanemor – The Mother Svan

At Dronningensgade 27A, there is this wonderful painting called Svanemor (“The Swan Mother”) by Henry Heerup, made in 1990. Everytime I walk by, I have to stop to admire it. I love the simplicity and the naive style. This motif with a swan mother, two chicks and an egg has been used many times by this painter. You can find Svanemor in several lithographies.

Henry Heerup (4 November 1907 – 30 May 1993) was a Danish painter and sculptor born in Frederiksberg. He studied painting under Axel Jørgensen and Einar Nielsen at the Royal Danish Academy of Art. He also studied sculpture there under Einar Utzon-Frank. His first oil painting was “The Old Oak in Wolfvalley” in 1924.

If you really like this mamma swan with her chicks, you can buy a poster here.

“Svanemor”, by Henry Heerup
Dronningensgade 27A
4800 Nykøbing Falster
GPS coordinates : 54.767684,11.870113