Welcome !

What is it ?

NykøbingFalster.Com is a blog about the life in the center of the beautiful town of Nykøbing Falster, on the island of Falster, Southern Denmark. The aim of this blog is to raise awareness to this provincial city, by giving informations about its history, culture, architecture, etc, and also by providing good addresses, where visitors can eat, drink, walk or take beautiful pictures.

Who is it ?

I’m Marie-Sophie Germain, author, journalist and blogger. I’m actually French, but I live in Nykøbing. After several years living right in the heart of the city, I thought it would be nice, as a foreigner, to share my experience, thoughts and tips. Hopefully they’ll be useful to the numerous tourists who come to visit the town, and who knows, to the foreigners who like me decide to live here !