Falster’s Golden Nature

Spring, summer or fall… Leaves, flowers and lichens always shine when they display gorgeous golden shades. I took most of these photos at Strandboulevarden and Svanedammen.

A Dogs Life – Four Chihuahuas in Nykøbing

I have the chance to share my life with 4 dogs, 4 chihuahuas. I know what you think : Mexican dogs in Denmark ? Don’t worry, in fall and wintertime they wear very warm coats ! Blueberry, Yokko, Diva and Zara love to walk, whatever the season (but not when it’s raining !). Among our…

Purple Spring in Nykøbing

Last Autumn (2018) has been absolutely fantastic in terms of colours. This 2019 Spring, I was amazed by the very numerous vibrant flowers at Strandboulevarden, along the Guldborgsund strait ! The most vibrant ones are various cultivars of Aubrieta. It’s easy to see why the genus got its name from Claude Aubriet, a French flowers…

Flamboyant Autumn

October 2018 has been incredibly long and warm. The result was flamboyant, vibrant colourful leaves and berries. These photos has been taken at Strandboulevarden along Guldborgsund strait, and also at Svanedammen, a little park not far from the center of the town.