The Conker Tree at Klosterkirken

In front of Klosterkirken (The Abbey Church), you can’t miss the magnificent conker tree (or horse-chestnut tree, Aesculus hippocastanum). Every time I admire it, I wonder how many marriage proposals took place under this tree… You can see the tree through the seasons, from spring to winter. (Click to see the galleries).

I don’t know how old is this tree. But we have proof it was already there in the early 1900s !

Photo :

And here are some details about the leaves and the bark, taken during a past spring. I love the light through the leaves, the scales on the trunk, the lichen on the bark…

Kirkepladsen 3
4800 Nykøbing Falster

All aboard !

Nykøbing Falster lies on the island of Falster, connected by the 295-meter-long Frederick IX Bridge over the Guldborgsund (Guldborg Strait) waterway to the island of Lolland. No wonder why the seal of Nykøbing Falster is a ship ! You can find it in different places in the town, especially on the ground.

At Klosterkirken, the Abbey Church, you can find a nice ship carved in wood, on the right side at the entrance, which is also the seal of Nykøbing Falster.

You can also see some nice vessels hanging from the church’s roof. It’s not clear whether those are ex voto, or just presents to the church.

If you follow one of the streets that leads to the church (Store Kirkestræde), you will find the famous tavern Marine Stuen. This tavern exists since 1938, and is owned today by Søren Andersen, who took over the place in 1967.

And if you want to see real boats, you have to go to the harbour at Slotsbryggen.