Outstanding medieval find at Torvet

In order to modernize the center of the town, the main square (Torvet) is currently under renovation. But with the diggings came something absolutely outstanding : a golden ring from the Middle Ages ! The discovery has been made by Martin B. Nielsen, in connection with the Museum Lolland-Falster.

The ring carries a figure of the Virgin Mary and Jesus and is dated from the second half of the 14th century. It was pressed down between the stones of an old pavement and has probably been lost.

Just in the 14th and 15th centuries, the Virgin Mary was very popular. The ring may have belonged to both a man and a woman, and not necessarily a person from the church. It was part of the personal worship of religion, and the ring has been of great importance to the owner.

PHOTOS : Museum Lolland-Falster

Facettes Jewellery – Handmade in Nykøbing

Since I live in Nykøbing and craft special items for people from the town, I thought I could talk about my little shop, Facettes Jewellery. For few years, I’ve been making handmade jewellery, with premium materials, only from Europe. My favourite materials are rose gold, silver, and handmade glass beads from Murano (Venezia, Italy) that are quite popular here.

I often make custom order, which is something I really enjoy, because I love to know my client and what they want, and craft something truly unique what would fit them and their personality. I sold my jewellery several times at “client evenings” in the shop Catwalk-Papaya, in the center. But most of the time I sell online (www.facettesjewellery.com).

I also have clients who come directly at home to see the jewellery and enjoy a customised private sale. Feel free to do the same ! You can contact me via the Facebook page of my little webshop, and we can arrange an appointment, where you’ll be able to chose jewellery, or to order some special pieces only for you !

By Emma – Colourful Fashion by a Glowing Shop Owner

Emma Horskjær has 5 babies. Her 4 children, and her shop, which also bears her name. “When I opened my little boutique 10 years ago, I had no idea I would end up in a bigger shop in the main pedestrian street”, she says.

Emma is 42 years old, from Belgian and Spanish descent. In 2010, as a single mom with not much money, she took a leap of faith. Instead of working in a big brand’s store, she opened her own independent tiny shop, in Langgade, a street in the center of the town. Her trademark : colourful clothes from Paris and Italy, for trendy versatile women.

However, the location of the shop she named “By Emma” was not the best, as most of the potential clients and tourists prefer to walk in the main pedestrian streets, Østergågade and Jernebanegade, not far from there. That’s why she moved here few years ago, in a much bigger boutique, at Østergågade 29. It was a very big gamble, but it definitely paid of !

“I sell at least 20 to 30 pieces of clothing every day”, Emma says. During holidays, the shop attracts a lot of tourists, mostly from Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden. “We also see some girls from Copenhagen. They come in a group of 8-10 to spend the week-end. I always remember them.” Emma has indeed a very good memory. “I love to remember clients, to know what they like. Sometimes I help men to chose presents for their wife, because I know them as clients”.

If you love colours and patterns, By Emma is right for you. “That’s why people come here”, she confirms. The small prices are also another reason of her success. For instance, for only 359 DKK (48€ / $55), you can get a very unique pair of pants, the piece she sells the most and what she’s famous for.

Photo : by Emma, on Facebook
Photo : by Emma, on Facebook

“Every 8-10 weeks, I renew the whole collection”, Emma says. “And I buy only few pieces for each size”. That’s why if you see something you like, you should buy it right away, because you’ll never see it again or find it elsewhere !
The next step ? A webshop, that should open very soon. I’m sure this will be a success as well… another one.

By Emma
Østergågade 29
4800 Nykøbing Falster

Phone : 26 56 46 65