Facettes Jewellery – Handmade in Nykøbing

Since I live in Nykøbing and craft special items for people from the town, I thought I could talk about my little shop, Facettes Jewellery. For few years, I’ve been making handmade jewellery, with premium materials, only from Europe. My favourite materials are rose gold, silver, and handmade glass beads from Murano (Venezia, Italy) that are quite popular here.

I often make custom order, which is something I really enjoy, because I love to know my client and what they want, and craft something truly unique what would fit them and their personality. I sold my jewellery several times at “client evenings” in the shop Catwalk-Papaya, in the center. But most of the time I sell online (www.facettesjewellery.com).

I also have clients who come directly at home to see the jewellery and enjoy a customised private sale. Feel free to do the same ! You can contact me via the Facebook page of my little webshop, and we can arrange an appointment, where you’ll be able to chose jewellery, or to order some special pieces only for you !


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