A Dogs Life – Four Chihuahuas in Nykøbing

I have the chance to share my life with 4 dogs, 4 chihuahuas. I know what you think : Mexican dogs in Denmark ? Don’t worry, in fall and wintertime they wear very warm coats ! Blueberry, Yokko, Diva and Zara love to walk, whatever the season (but not when it’s raining !). Among our favourite walks, there is Svanedammen (The Swan Pond) and all the boulevard along Gulborgsund Strait, Strandenboulevarden (The Beach Boulevard), starting from Slotsbryggen (The Castle Docks).

Believe it or not, they’re able to walk up to 7 km ! That’s why they love to curl on the sofa to rest after those big treks…

Svanedammen – The Swan Pond

If you want to go a bit away from the center of the town and enjoy a little you should definitely go to Svanedammen. You’ll understand right away why its name means “The Swan Pond” ! In a little pond, surrounded by nature and beautiful birch trees and willows, you can walk, or just sit on a bench to meditate or observe the numerous birds : swans, green ducks, herons, moorhens, coots, and more recently cormorants. And especially, adorable tuft ducks, with their very elegant “haircut”…

I go there several time a week with my dogs, and I really love this place, because it’s very quite. There’s also a restaurant, but most importantly a sport center, a sport hall, and a stadium, where there’s a lot of activity.

Here’s a map, if you go from the main square, Torvet.