Svanedammen – The Swan Pond

If you want to go a bit away from the center of the town and enjoy a little you should definitely go to Svanedammen. You’ll understand right away why its name means “The Swan Pond” ! In a little pond, surrounded by nature and beautiful birch trees and willows, you can walk, or just sit on a bench to meditate or observe the numerous birds : swans, green ducks, herons, moorhens, coots, and more recently cormorants. And especially, adorable tuft ducks, with their very elegant “haircut”…

I go there several time a week with my dogs, and I really love this place, because it’s very quite. There’s also a restaurant, but most importantly a sport center, a sport hall, and a stadium, where there’s a lot of activity.

Here’s a map, if you go from the main square, Torvet.


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