Animals in Nykøbing Falster’s Architecture

Lions, bears, horses, bulls and various birds… Nykøbing is a real jungle! Are you ready for a little photo safari, right in the center of the town ?

We start with “The Mother Swan”, Svanemor (Dronningensgade 27A).

You want to see more birds ? Just go to the direction of Torvet, then on your left to the pedestrian street Østergågade, until you arrive to the bookshop Arnold Busck (Jernbanegade 2) and its very nice golden owls.

Very close from there, on your right you’ll see the Abbey Church, Klosterkirken (Kirkepladsen 3).


From the Church, take the little street called Lille Kirkestræde and keep walking one minute on Langgade. On your right, you’ll see Brogade. At the end of the street on your right, you’ll be surprised to find a door with magnificent dolphins !

You can now go back on your steps to reach the pub Kontoret (Langgade 28), few minutes away. You see the horse and the lion on each side of the door ?

A bit further down the street, the “Lion Pharmacy”, Løveapoteket (Langgade 5), is well named.

Few steps away and we arrive at the main square. Here you can admire “The Bear Well”, Brøndenbøonden at Torvet.


Keep going in the same direction on Langgade until you arrive to “The Gossip Bench”, Sladrebænken (Grønttorvet 40). Sit with the two chicks to have a chat !


You can now pursue your walk to reach “The Castle’s Dock”, Slotsbryggen. Beware of the dragon at the Chinese restaurant Beijing (Slotsbryggen 16) !

If from Slotsbryggen you decide to take the nice stroll along Strandboulevarden, do not unleash your dog !


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