A Dinner at Dhaba

With some friends visiting from France, we decided to go to this Indian restaurant called Dhaba. It is located closed to the modern harbour and the cinema, at Slotsgade 36.

The menu offers a lot of various dishes, including vegetarian ones.
You can order à la carte or chose the buffet menu. With the buffet you get 8-10 different selected dishes, served on bowls, little casseroles or wooden plates, that you can refill as many times as you like. This very convivial way of sharing a dinner with your friends is one of the reason Dhaba gets good reviews on TripAdvisor.

To Indian food connoisseurs, Dhaba’s dishes might not be spicy enough. The place is also small and can be quite noisy in the evening, due to its success. However, the food is excellent, so as the service.

If you want to eat at Dhaba on a Friday or the week-end, it’s wise to make a reservation.


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