Søstrene Grene – Cosy Danish Design and Hobby Supplies

Last year, the 15th of June (2018) a Søstrene Grene shop opened in Nykøbing Falster, at Jernbanegade 23. If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me tell you a story. Everything started in the town of Århus in 1973 when Knud Cresten Vaupell Olsen and his wife Inger Grene open a little shop, that they call Søstrene Grene (The Grene Sisters). But more than a shop, the team creates a whole experience. Inspired by ballet, classical music and Danish design, they invent a new universe shaped by storytelling, that we nowadays know as “The World of Anna and Clara”. So who are these two “sisters” ?

Anna is a creative artist, and Clara focus on being practical and organised. In fact, these fictional “ghosts” incarnate all what the shop has to offer. Let’s start the tour !

Like some other Scandinavian shops, Søstrene Grene is mapped like a labyrinth, forcing you to walk by all the different sections. The tour starts with the decoration and home accessories universe.

You can also find decorative and practical items for children, as well as numerous toys and colouring books.

Once we leave the children universe, time to have fun with all the crafts and hobbies section ! Pencils, paint, yarn, stickers, paper… It’s impossible not to find anything to keep you busy during rainy days.

And if you have to throw a partie and wrap presents, the two sisters have all what you need !

Last but not least, you end the tour in the cooking and delicatessen section, where you can find very interesting products.

Søstrene Grene
Jernbanegade 23
Nykøbing Falster


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